For National Geographic

Adam, Andy Brandy Casagrande and Jesse Quinn worked with producer John Joseph to capture never-before seen footage of ocean predators in super-slow motion. The team followed scientists Steve Huskey and Nicolai Konow diving in the waters off Florida to film the feeding behaviour of tuna, barracuda, Goliath Groupers and Bull sharks.

Adam field produced and filmed both topside and underwater. Adam and Andy faced a host of challenges: rebreathers with full face masks and comm systems, underwater cameras, strong currents… and of course, capturing natural behaviour. Casagrande used the unique Typhoon underwater high speed video camera to capture the action at 1000 frames per second. Geiger, Casagrande and the scientists used the bubble-free rebreather technology to get close to their subjects.

Sea Strikers from SeaLight Pictures on Vimeo.